Applying Fuji Film Simulations in Lightroom

One of the great features with all Fuji X Series cameras is the ability to apply various Film Simulations. However when shooting RAW and importing in Lightroom, the Film Sim effects are not carried across. Fortunately Lightroom has added Fuji profiles to allow you to apply these Film Sims in post production.

For those new to Lightroom simply launch LR and go into Development mode, from the right-hand editing pane scroll down to the bottom until you see the Camera Calibration module.

Camera Calibration

All the Film Sims can be found under the Profile menu, simply select the desired Film Sim and the image will apply the selected effect.

Camera Calibration - Menu


Applying Film Simulation During Import

To speed up the process you could simply select and apply a specific Film Sim during import. By default Lightroom automatically applies the ‘Adobe Standard’ profile to all images imported. Setting up and applying a profile during import is as simple as applying them individually as detailed above.

First you must setup the profiles:

  1. Import a random/sample RAW file into Lightroom and go into the Develop Mode
  2. Apply a Film Simulation profile under the Camera Calibration module on the right-hand editing pane
  3. Once the effect has been applied, click on the + icon located on the Preset module, this will create a new preset profilePreset
  4. Enter a new of the new preset profile (it is recommended to enter the name of the actual Film Sim i.e. Velvia)
  5. Ensure only White Balance, Process Version and Calibration are checked, all else are to be unchecked and click CreateSaving Preset Profile

Repeat the same steps until all Film Simulation profiles have been created. Now when you import your next set of images simply select which Film Sim you wish to apply from the Develop Preset menu and import.

Preset 2

Once all the images have been imported, they will automatically apply the selected Film Sim profile.


6 thoughts on “Applying Fuji Film Simulations in Lightroom

  1. Hi Joe,
    i was wondering if you could help me out please, in camera calibration ( lightroom) i do not have the fuji film simulations, i have the word ( embedded ) & when i click on it nothing happens ?? do you know how i can get the film simulations into this panel please, i have up to date LR on the photography plan & 2012 current written above,
    any help would be much appreciated,


    1. Hi Phil, thanks for taking the time to read my post. In terms of your query, may I ask which Fujifilm camera you are using and whether you’re importing the raw files or JPEG only? As for your Lightroom, is that the cloud suite (CC) or the stand-alone version?


    2. Hi Phil,

      That’s great to hear, I too have the X-T1. I’m a big classic Chrome fan so that’s usually my main film sim however, lately I’ve been drawn into blank & white, it’s a pity we don’t get Acros film sim on our cameras.

      Happy shooting buddy


  2. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for replying to my query,
    I’ve worked it out now, it looks like you cannot use the film simulations when importing a JPEG file, I tried it on a RAW image & the panel with all the simulations came up & worked a treat,, I shoot mainly in Pro Neg Standard so this will now be set as my default in LR,,
    Camera is XT1, plan is CC LR/PS/BR
    Thanks once again,


  3. Hey there, great stuff, thanks!
    I’m just wondering why we sould save the white balance? Once we apply the preset to a picture shot with another white balance it would be off, wouldn’t it?


    1. Since the writing of this guide, there has been many other methods and plugins to achieve this. I’m currently using a LR plugin called XLR ( which automatically applies the film sim to the image in which it was taken in, so if you took a photo 10 photos, all of which are a mix of film sims, this plugin will detect which sim was used to take that photo and apply that film sim to the image. This method is a lot more efficient than the old manual method I described in my guide. Give it a shot, the trial allows you to apply up to 5 images at a time with a watermark.


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